Phone: 1800 961 000
Post: PO Box 266, Ashgrove West 4060

SAPA Committee for the period October 2016 to October 2017 consists of the following members

Committee Members

  • Tanya Sherlock  (Chairperson)
  • Linda Beaumont (Vice Chairperson and Secretary)
  • Lee Reynolds (Treasurer)
  • Cathy Patterson (Committee Member)
  • Tony Sherlock   (Committee Member)
  • Annette Rose  (Committee Member)
  • Ann Rentoul (Committee Member)
  • Nathan Johnson (Committee Member)
  • Joanne Tomada (Committee Member)

Tanya Sherlock
Tarampa Lodge

Committee Member
Tony Sherlock
Tarampa Lodge

Committee Member
Joanne Tomada

Vice Chairperson and Secretary
Linda Beaumont
Wamuran Park Home

Committee Member
Annette Rose

Committee Member
Ann Rentoul
Willow House

Committee Member
Cathy Patterson
Fairhaven Care Centres

Committee Member
Nathan Johnson