History of SAPA

SAPA was established and incorporated in 1994 by a group of private accommodation providers to establish a set of minimum standards for housing vulnerable people. Working parties were established with private owners and Government, to investigate the industry leading to forming the Hostel Industry Development Unit (HIDU) to start to regulate the industry. Standards were set for fire safety, house rules, training, etc leading to the registration and accreditation of the industry in accordance with the newly established Accommodation and Accreditation Bills and Standards now managed by The Department of Housing and Public Works  - Residential Services Unit.  As a result of SAPA’s efforts, legislation was introduced in 2002. All members of SAPA are registered and accredited under the Residential Services Branch and many are striving to become registered providers under the NDIS as it rolls out in Queensland over the next 2 years. A close liaison is maintained between SAPA and the responsible body (Residential Services; unit of Department of Housing. http://www.hpw.qld.gov.au/Housing/IndustryRegulation/ResidentialServices

Independent Reports on the Industry

Throughout the years a number of independent reports have been prepared by various government and non government agencies and private individuals into all aspects of the industry and also its viability. A number of these reports are referenced below and can be accessed below by clicking on the report title

1998 Price Cooper / Waterhouse

David Renfree Reports

HIDU Reports